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Music Discovery: LoEdition’s 1-2-3-4 Series

24 Mar 2023

A collage of album covers

By Sarah Scarlata 

The methods in which we discover music have changed dramatically over the past 20 years. The dawn of streaming platforms replaced our need for radio. Music videos disappeared around the time The Real World introduced us to the new landscape of Reality TV which used new music to give more color to the cast members’ stories.

Music supervisors are powerful vehicles for music discovery when it comes to highlighting new and classic music to larger audiences. Nora Felder introduced Kate Bush and Metallica to a broader (and younger) audience through key music placements on Stranger Things, a beloved and hugely popular TV show. It has been reported that nearly half of the music heard in broadcast and cable television network programming is production music. The lines of commercial and production music are now blurred due to the sheer demand for new and innovative music. 

The APM search engine is a great place for music discovery. Music can take you places, and sometimes you need to follow where it is taking you. One of those times is the first time I heard Sunshine Memory

The opening gritty guitar licks are a call to action, building with an urgent drumbeat. It took me back to the days of going to summer music festivals and the freedom you have roaming the grounds listening to some of your favorite bands. 

Sunshine Memory is a cut from an album series from LoEditions called 1-2-3-4, featuring music from a famous underground music festival in London. The music reflects the unbridled artistry featured at this East London annual event. I had to hear more. 

The second album did not disappoint. Track 2 Where Did I Go immediately grabs you with more cowbell, then takes a cool left turn into a French dance club: 

The 1-2-3-4 album series is gritty and fierce, covering genres as wide as pop, punk, electronic, ambient, industrial, and indie. Every album has something new to discover, here are some more favorites from the series: 

LoEdition’s 1-2-3-4 series is the next best thing to attending the famed London Music Festival, discover it for yourself!