Mood Swings – Tracks with Contrasting Moods

03 May 2024

By Sarah Scarlata 


Picture this: It’s a gloomy day and looks like it may rain at any moment. Your plans for having a nice picnic in the park are now uncertain, despite hopes for a different outcome. Suddenly and without any notice, the clouds part and it ends up being the perfect day. Problem solved! 

Commercials, promos, and trailers often depict stories that change moods. Many advertisements pose a problem and then offer a solution whether it is a new pharmaceutical drug, political candidate, or product which makes our lives better. On the flip side, sometimes movies or TV shows are about life being great until (fill in the blank) happened.  

Music is a powerful storytelling tool and is essential in setting a tone. Using two different tracks to depict mood changes can be time consuming and challenging due to the task of matching instrumentation, tempo, and key so the tracks sound seamless together.  

APM has many useful tracks with contrasting moods. Here is a playlist featuring tracks from the KPM, Spoton, 2nd Foundation, Sonoton, Wall of Noise, Pop Machine, AXS, MPATH, Bibliotheque, In Pictures, and Live Source Music libraries: 

Contrasting Moods Playlist 

As the saying goes, the only certainty in life is change. Now there’s music that can score all of life’s changing moods – all in one track!