Enjoy the Whimsical Sounds of 2nd Music Foundation's 'Quirky Characters' Album

Enjoy the Whimsical Sounds of 2nd Music Foundation's 'Quirky Characters' Album

13 Feb 2024

2FM091 Quirky Characters is a fun, comedic album featuring a string quartet, tuned percussion, and assorted winds. These characterful vignettes, from silly animal videos to slapstick comedy, create a lighthearted, whimsical mood. Tracks span a range of light, humorous settings, from mischievous sneaking in "On The Sly," "Up To No Good" to the cheeky fun "Clowning Around," "Playful Pranks" and chaotic energy of "Fluster And Frenzy," "Jolly Japes"). Daryl Griffith wrote the album. 

This album has a humorous, tongue-in-cheek feel perfect for comedy, cartoons, reality TV, and social media. Sixty-second, thirty-second, and sting cutdowns are available for all tracks for convenient tailoring to the picture and various underscore and sparse versions. 

Track listing:

  • "Clowning Around" -  Lighthearted, playful, funny ensemble for comedy, cartoons & reality TV. Bright, bouncy string quartet chords & calm vibraphone introduce cheeky, mischievous clarinet & xylophone tune with clumsy, plodding accompaniment.
  • "Day At The Fair" - Fun, energetic ensemble for comedy & cartoons. Lively, happy string quartet & positive vibraphone with jolly clarinet lead into a bouncy, quirky xylophone tune. The lighthearted quartet middle leads to a bright return with piccolo & glockenspiel.
  • "Fluster And Frenzy" -  Frantic, urgent ensemble for comedy & reality TV. The energetic string quartet introduces an insistent, lively xylophone, joined by a bright, quirky clarinet & piccolo. Running violin loop & mysterious tuned percussion chords lead to a frenzied reprise.
  • "Duck Duck Goose" -  Comical, silly ensemble for comedy & cartoons. Bright glockenspiel & cheerful string quartet chords introduce call & response between clumsy trombone slides & quirky xylophone. A happy, carefree clarinet leads to a reprise with a whimsical piccolo.
  • "On The Sly" - A light sneaky underscore for comedy & reality TV. The cheeky pizzicato quartet alternates with mysterious vibraphone. Eerie, fluttering quartet chords & marimba lead to reprise with quirky bass clarinet & piccolo. 
  • "Up To No Good" -  Nervous, uneasy ensemble for cartoons & reality TV. Discordant, creepy string quartet & vibraphone clusters with light, cheeky marimba & pizzicato cello, alternating with sly quartet chords. Quirky bass clarinet & piccolo lead to a mysterious coda.
  • "Night Shift Peculiar" -  mysterious mixed ensemble for documentaries & reality TV. The neutral marimba loop introduces bouncy, sly pizzicato & curious vibraphone. Cunning muted trumpet melody joined by quirky flute flutters.
  • "Swan Boat" - A calm, and graceful mixed ensemble for documentaries & reality TV. Light, contented, walking string quartet introduces peaceful, floating vibraphone & beautiful, elegant flute melody, joined by delicate glockenspiel.
  • "Playful Pranks" - Funny, playful ensemble for reality TV & cartoons. The Laid-back, breezy string quartet introduces a cheeky, whimsical xylophone with glockenspiel interjections—a cheerful clarinet middle section with calm vibraphone, leading to a happy, cheerful return.
  • "Troublesome Tango" - A sly, cunning underscore for reality TV & comedy. Slinky bass clarinet & delicate pizzicato loop introduce a mysterious vibraphone melody with cheeky marimba rolls, joined by a floating, graceful flute.
  • "Quirky Turkey" -  A breezy mixed ensemble for comedy, cartoons & reality TV. Relaxed, walking string quartet accompanies raucous muted trumpet, with light-tuned percussion & clumsy trombone slides. It has a whimsical middle with graceful strings & cheeky trombone. 
  • "Jolly Japes" -  An upbeat,  jolly ensemble theme with a lively, energetic string quartet that introduces a happy, bouncy xylophone tune, joined by bright glockenspiel, piccolo & playful clarinet. Exciting middle builds with insistent marimba, trumpet & glock to joyous reprise.