Urband and Lazar is Driven

Urband and Lazar is Driven

12 Jan 2015

APM is thrilled to represent selections from the Urband and Lazar Music Publishing catalog now available within the Driven music library, APM's new boutique collection of artist-driven songs in commercial, radio-friendly styles including Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Country, Dance and more!

These 3 new U&L compilations are now available in APM Search and include and eclectic collection of music from artists such as Ocha La Rocha, The Jeanmarie, Long Long Showers, Scully, Contrakids and more!

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About Urband and Lazar:

Urband & Lazar Music Publishing is a premier music publishing company and record label. Founded in 2006, U&L pride themselves on their devotion to their clients. At U&L they actively and aggressively pursue opportunities daily and explore revenue streams though new deals in film,TV, advertisements, video games, pairing clients with writers and new media.

Their label, U&L Records has released records for artists, films / TV soundtracks and music festivals helping facilitate the distribution and promotion.