STT: Sonoton Trailer Tracks

STT: Sonoton Trailer Tracks

01 Feb 2011

STT: Sonoton Trailer Tracks – Trailer-Made for the Biggest Impact

Sonoton is proud to bring you the latest Trailer music, STT 15-20, six more discs in the amazing and stunning collection of Trailer Tracks. These tracks are “trailer-made!” With input and feedback from the top producers and editors in the Trailer world, Gregor Narholz and a team of leading trailer composers have produced a jaw-dropping 12 hours of rises, backends, stings, tags, stems and mixes! Available on 6 discs with theatrical hologram covers, each disc contains 75 minutes worth of tracks and alternate versions. In addition, the composers have provided over 60 minutes of bonus material per disc, all of which are available online in a variety of mixes, stems and versions, from :12 stings to 1:00 rises and backends. Every version imaginable for your production needs can be found in this incredible collection of Trailer Tracks.

And we do mean “Trailer-Made!”  The composers could not have succeeded without the help and guidance of our trailer clients. Together with the APM team of music directors, these tracks are the result of a huge collaboration between trailer editors, music directors and composers who are all committed to bringing you the most hard-hitting, dramatic, impactful, heart-stopping, magical, enchanting and action-packed trailer tracks ever assembled.  

Recorded over the course of 8 months, composer and conductor, Gregor Narholz, made sure he followed the winning formulas of Hollywood’s top trailer composers and award-winning trailers.  

Produced and recorded in Sofia, Bulgaria with the Bulgarian Film Orchestra and the Sofia Metropolitan Golden Voices. Additional Rock ensembles and rhythm sections recorded in Topanga, CA.  

The 6 newest albums are:

STT 15
STT 15: Drama 2   Emotional journey straight to the heart. Meaningful, deeply moving stories underscoring the beauty, passion and dark side of life. This collection of beautiful orchestral music with choir and vocals is a testament to the human spirit and our power to prevail.
STT 16
STT 16: World Drama Global cultural and political conflicts are the backdrop for this cinematic collection of high impact drama. Scored for ethnic solo instruments and vocalists, a wide array of percussion and drums, and a full symphony orchestra and choir.
STT 17
STT 17: Cinematic Effects Rises, backends, scene setters, swells and moods. Gripping tensions, riveting mystery, bold darkness, piercing edges, poignant drama, explosive action,  epic builds, pounding brutality, mesmerizing  choir, full orchestra, female vocals, percussion, drums, electronics, and much more!
STT 18
STT: 18 Orchestral Rock Powerful epic rock with the emotional impact of full symphonic orchestra and choir. Riveting and explosive, heroic and tragic, engrossing and poignant, heart-stopping and relentless action drama.
STT 19
STT 19: Family Entertainment - Magical Adventures Entertainment for the whole family - fantasy, fun, enchantment, adventure, fascination, joy, wonder and excitement! A true orchestral experience, made in Hollywood!
STT 20
STT 20: Dark Heroes The mysterious and dark side of our heroes, fatefully dramatic, poignant and powerful, from caped crusaders to heroes fighting shadowy forces, scored for full symphony orchestra and live choir, with modern grooves and edgy electronica.

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