RNM launches with 16 albums!

RNM launches with 16 albums!

26 Aug 2010

With the over 850,000 artists currently a part of ReverbNation, and APM Music’s commitment to high-quality, handpicked tracks, you can now gain access to the best of this vital community through a new collection of indie music in the ReverbNation Music (RNM) library!

CLICK HERE for the ReverbNation Music Launch Lineup:

•    RNM 1     Indie Anatomy - A collection of uplifting, anthemic and ground breaking indie, pop and rock songs from Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings, Colors in the Air, Derek and the Darling, Ex Norwegian, Karen Curious and the New Professionals, Lunic, Matt Powers, Mike Steimel, Spiral Arm, The Trampolines and Anna Zoe

•    RNM 2     Indietronica - An eclectic blend of electronica and indie rock with vocoded and auto-tuned male and female vocals from Approaching Nirvana, Derek and the Darling, Kid Moxie and Let 'Em Riot.

•    RNM 3     What the Folk! - Classic and contemporary Folk, Pop, Celtic Folk, and bits of Americana from Jane Collymore, Nate Donnis, Linda Draper, Exit 380, Mike Gladstone, Michael Holland and the Trampolines.

•    RNM 4    Ready to Go! - Cinema ready, youthful-sounding pop rock and dance songs from Molly Bancroft, Gina Cutillo, Rebekah Ann Curtis, Shannon Hurley, Reluctant Hero and the Shoreline.

•    RNM 5    Dusty Plains & Dirty Spurs - A collection of  modern and classic Country music from Douglas Cameron, Michael Holland, Rebecca Hosking, Lonny Ray, the New Relics, the New Town Drunks, Daniel Smith, and Jerry Lee Surber.

•    RNM 6    Sun Kissed - A sundrenched festival in the park of folk acoustic, jam rock, neo soul and blues rock from Billy, Jimmy Demers, Debbie Forrest, Mike Gladstone, Karmin, Kidd Russell, Robert Jon, Mike Morello, Matt Powers, the Trampolines and Anna Zoe

•    RNM 7    Artist Feature: Emma Hill and her Gentlemen Callers - Contemporary alt country and folk songs with a vintage sound from Portland, Oregon's Emma Hill and Her Gentlemen Callers.

•    RNM 8    Artist Feature: Tori Sparks - A variety of beautifully crafted Folk, Blues, Singer-Songwriter, and Americana songs from Nashville's Tori Sparks.

•    RNM 9    Artist Double Feature: Pivot/Reluctant Hero - Contemporary, driving, dynamic and hard hitting progressive rock/metal from Raleigh, NC's Pivot and Ventura, CA's Reluctant Hero.

•    RNM 10 Artist Feature: David Crandall - An excellent blend of rock and  layers of electronic elements with male vocals, acoustic and electric guitars from Northern California's David Crandall.

•    RNM 11 Artist Feature: DJ Puzzle - An eclectic collection of electronica genres, including breakbeat, electro, house, chill-out, glitch, 80's and ambient from Chicago's DJ Puzzle.

•    RNM 12 Dark Delicacies - Take a bite of this collection of dark, brooding songs from Gina Cutillo, Deep 6 Holiday, Jenni French, Matt Powers, Shaolin Temple of Boom, Spiral Arm, Strangeletter and Britt Warner.

•    RNM 13 That’s What’s Up - A mixtape of sure shot hip hop tracks from Draztic, Howee (How-We), Kidd Russell, Random a.k.a. Mega Ran, Sleepy Will, Tone B! and Wordsmith.

•    RNM 14 Beats & Ballads - A soulful collection of sultry, sexy and smooth R&B grooves from Darnel Alexander, Deep 6 Holiday, Debbie Forrest, Mike Gladstone, and Jamez.

•    RNM 15 Eclectic Café - A fresh blend of emotional, inspirational and soothing acoustic pop rocks songs from Molly Bancroft, Douglas Cameron, Jimmy Demers, Linda Draper, Shannon Hurley, Karen Curious and the New Professionals, Nick Perri, Matt Powers, Brett Ryan Stewart and Sunny So Brite.

•    RNM 16 Heavy Rotation - A mainstream collection of rock and alternative songs with mass appeal from 3JC, As We Wait, Douglas Cameron, Exit 380, High Tolerance, Jason Sweet Band, Nick Perri, Star Off Machine and Vandarth.