KPM 1000

KPM reaches its 1000th release

13 Feb 2017

KPM has reached its 1000th release from the Main Series! To celebrate this milestone, they gathered some of the original and best-loved KPM composers to collaborate on a special project. KPM 1000

The resulting album features tracks from Keith Mansfield (Grandstand, Wimbledon, Funky Fanfare), Alan Hawkshaw (Grange Hill, Countdown), Brian Bennett (Glass Tubes, Rugby Special), John Cameron (Liquid Sunshine) and James Clark (Water Sports). 

News of the KPM album has spread and garnered attention from several media outlets. The Guardian recently featured a handful of classic KPM composers in a fantastic article on the history of library music; appearing both in the G2 Arts section of the paper and online. The Quietus also posted a similar piece on production music and BBC Radio 4 discussed writing music for television and the KPM 1000 album with Alan Hawkshaw. and Pete Cox—who was creative director of KPM for 30 years.

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KPM 1000 - The Making Of