KPM Promos & Trailers

KPM Promos & Trailers

27 Jul 2010

Promos and Trailers: Back End (KPM 741) - the ultimate for film trailer music!

Nothing gets you in the mood for a big Hollywood blockbuster movie quite like a first glimpse at its high impact pre- release trailer. KPM Music continues its trailer series to bring you cinematic trailer music, including dramatic orchestral scores, thrilling magical fantasy, and full impact back ends. Some of this year’s biggest trailers, including Toy Story 3, Black Dynamite, UP, Food, Inc., and The Princess and the Frog, were set into motion by KPM’s original music.

The latest KPM album, Promos and Trailers: Back End (KPM 741), is the ultimate collection of epic, dynamic and compelling big finishes for film trailers. The album is infused with grand instrumental breakdowns, powerful and dynamic rises and epic building percussion and hits. KPM producer Brian Brasher put his expertise of the trailer market to use on this album. There is a constant need to fill the 3rd act of a trailer with a set-up and an over-the-top climax; Promos and Trailers: Back End answers that need.

Check out the rest of our trailer music series to keep you and your audience on the edge of your seats!

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