KPM - Music For...

KPM - Music For...

27 Jul 2010

MUSIC FOR...A new series highlighting gems in the KPM back catalog


The KPM ‘Music for…’ series has been carefully created to highlight the hidden gems in the KPM back catalog. This unique series is an essential selection of the very best tracks from their expansive catalog, compiled into genre-specific albums, to give you direct and immediate access to music that will match your briefs and open your eyes to albums that you may never have discovered before.


Music for Summer
Like the sound of the sea and the feel of the sand between your toes, Music for Summer (KPM 743) captures the feeling of sunny, warm months when laziness becomes respectable and summer nights a perfection of dreams. The albums spans sunny, feelgood indie, classic ‘60s and ‘70s vintage recordings from the KPM vaults, Latin-soaked house, laid back Balearic chill, and happy, quirky nu-folk.

Music for Restaurants
Music for Restaurants (KPM 735) is the perfect solution to all of your restaurant background music needs. Each type of cuisine or restaurant covered on the album is represented by two or more tracks, offering editors the choice of either typical or more subtle tracks to complement the accompanying dining scenes. Whether setting the scene for fine dining, evoking the mood of a French bistro, or adding the rock and roll to an America diner, Music for Restaurants has what you’re looking for!

Music for Reality TV
Reality TV is on the rampage. Whether talent or survival contests, cooking competitions or social experiments, broadcasting real lives for our viewing pleasure is an entertainment sensation. Music for Reality TV (KPM 747) offers the perfect soundtrack for every pivotal, reality TV scenario: the tense moments before decision time, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Turn it on and tune in, you know we’ll be watching!


Music for Documentaries
Filled with reflective themes, sparse emotive atmospheres, tense, restless beds and sombre soundscapes, Music for Documentaries: Dark is the ultimate accompaniment to topical and narrative documentaries that capture the serious and reflective side of life.

Music for Christmas
The essential Christmas compilation! We know it’s still only summer, but we’re always one step ahead! Music for Christmas is awash with ye old Christmas classics and brand new recordings. Not only will they fill your narrative with festive and seasonal joy but even the meanest of Scrooges will be left with a toe tingling Christmas glow.

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