Kingdom 2 Prepares for The Apocalypse

Kingdom 2 Prepares for The Apocalypse

01 Nov 2013

World War Z. Pacific Rim. Star Trek, Elysium and After Earth. The summer of 2013 saw a list of blockbuster movies that told stories of the end of the world. Our costumed heroes in the Marvel and DC Universes alike managed to save the planet from evil foes whose only motive was assured destruction. Even two of the season's movie comedies, The World's End and This is The End capitalized on viewers' apocalyptic fears and End Times notions.

While we at Kingdom 2 hesitate to psychoanalyze the public's desire to see the the earth destroyed over and over again, we did see a perfect project for one of our favorite composers, Mike G. And so, we'd like to proudly present: Kingdom 2 Trailer Series: Apocalypse (KING 96).  The latest release from our signature breed of epic, in-your-face trailer albums, Apocalypse features explosive drums, haunting atmospheric soundscapes, and electronic textures.

Every day, film trailers become more of an art form of their own; short films with precision editing that have full story arcs.  It makes sense, then, that music has become required to meet the complexities of the trailers. Particularly for the type of action movies for which Apocalypse was created, this year has shown a retreat from heavy orchestrations and big melodies.  Rather, trailers opt for sound design, huge drum hits, and suspenseful stop-downs and pauses. When more melodic moments are required, trailers often use electronic music.

>Listen to Kingdom 2 Trailer Series: Apocalypse (KING 96)