introducing MPATH

Introducing Mpath

29 Jan 2018

Michael A Levine, introduces MPATHThinking Music.

Michael is a multi-award winning composer for TV, film, games and advertising, and the creator of the spooky viral hit, Lorde’s “Everybody Want’s to Rule the World,” Resident Evil’s Biohazard game theme song “Go Tell Aunt Rhody”, the choral arrangement of the Simpson’s Movie “Spider Pig”, and the earworm “Gimme a Break” Kit Kat jingle, among many others.

What is Thinking Music? It is a collection of intimate and introspective tracks ideal for moments of reflection and contemplation, empathy, focus and hypnotic power - and works brilliantly under dialog.

Michael has a powerful ability to create subliminal music that is not like anything you’ve heard before yet still manages to stay in your head. He has carefully curated music from a select and talented group of up and coming composers, each with a unique voice, from all over the world. MPATH composers span five continents!

Every MPATH track is expertly mixed with main and alternate versions, with and without thematic melody, and contains hooks and cutdowns that provide maximum flexibility for producers, editors and music supervisors.

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