introducing cezame trailers

Introducing Cezame Trailers

26 Jan 2018

Cézame Trailers is a fresh and one-of-a-kind trailer music label. From powerful, off-the-wall orchestral builds to apocalyptic sci-fi sound design, this library offers a perfect backdrop for trailers and promos. Created by top-notch composers Gabriel Saban and Philippe Briand, this unique trailer music series is specially crafted for easy edits and maximum impact!

Cezame Trailers launches with 3 massive albums covering a wide range of styles:

  • Exrahuman: New hybrid possibilities take today's music into another dimension.
  • Odyssea: A grand ode to adventure. 
  • Conspiracy: Political intrigue, espionnage and investigation.

Watch the launch album reels below to get a sense of the epic sounds within Cézame Trailers!