Current TV Music Studio Contest features Lo Editions Songs

Current TV Music Studio Contest features Lo Editions Songs

04 Feb 2011

Current TV's Creation Studios is giving  their viewers a chance to get inside the action of a television production and help shape the future of TV!

For their latest Music Studio "Challenge," viewers are able to select their favorite song from a list of APM Music's Bruton tracks to feature in the new participatory television series, Bar Karma.

The website poll gives viewers a jukebox to listen and offres up a choice between three Bruton tracks:

1. “Give Life A Try” by Grand Pocket Orchestra off Indie Circuit 3 (LoCD 31)

2. “Cat In The Bag” by Elliott Whale Boy off Indie Circuit 3 (LoCD 31)

3. “Check The Weather” by Darren Hayman off Indie Circuit 2 (LoCD 27)

Bar Karma is a half-hour TV show that answers the age-old question: “What would happen if you could change your fate?” Set in a time-traveling bar owned and operated by members of a mysterious organization, the series follows a new bar patron each week as they enter at happy hour and must make life-changing...and possibly world-saving…decisions.

Find out which songs are getting the most votes or rock this vote for yourself at! Then, watch for Episode 102 of Bar Karma and you may just hear your favorite!

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