AXS debuts new Trailer-dedicated collection!

AXS Music debuts new Trailer music collection!

06 Apr 2017

AXS Music Debuts new Trailer-dedicated collection!

The release of Heroic Fantasy Trailers marks the 6th release in the new Trailer series from French label AXS Music.

To create this epic new collection of albums made specially for film and trailers, the company worked with established composers Marc Dall'Anese, After In Paris and Patrice Mondon.

Each album is loaded with several alternative versions of each track for easy editing.

Learn more about these 6 albums below:

Epic Trailers by After in Paris is a neo-peplum record, suited for glorious sword-and-sandal film scenes and trailers, featuring percussive-heavy orchestral hybrid tracks.  (AXS 2382 EPIC TRAILERS)

Futuristic War by Patrice Mondon is a great toolkit including scores and themes for post-apocalyptic, futuristic and sci-fi movie, featuring tension building orchestral hybrid tracks. (AXS 2401 FUTURISTIC WAR)

Epic Themes by Marc Dall’Anese was designed for adventure and historical movies and features symphonic arrangements, massive string and brass sections,  strong percussive back beats and more. (AXS 2405 EPIC THEMES)

Ultimate Action Movie Trailers by Marc Dall’Anese is complete with building percussion and rising strings, fit for all Hollywood-blockbusting battle scenes. (AXS 2396 ULTIMATE ACTION MOVIE TRAILER)

Epic Space Themes by Marc Dall’Anese is triumphant, curious and hopeful, and suited for galactic voyages into the unknown. (AXS 2423 Epic Space Themes)

Heroic Fantasy Trailer is the newest release by Marc Dall’Anese containing a variety of heroic themes and anthems. (AXS 2435 HEROIC FANTASY TRAILER)


Make your movies MAGNIFICIENT with AXS Music's Trailer collection!