Seventh Sense

Announcing Seventh Sense

24 Jun 2016

Seventh Sense (SVN) from Bruton launches with seven tracks on each album, specifically created for theatrical cinematic trailers, TV trailers and video game producers.

Infusing huge sounds to give an epic feel into any productions, Seventh Sense caters to Drama, Romance, Battlefields, Action and Children's Animated Films.


Instructions for mobile phone VR Glasses users: 

1. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED or click the Youtube icon (bottom right of the video below) to launch your youtube app.

2. Click the icon: 

Google Cardboard

3. insert your phone into the VR glasses to immerse yourself in our 360 orchestral recording.


Watch the 'Making Of' video filmed in Budapest featuring Andrew Stannard, Senior Producer at UPPM, showcasing the work that went into the live orchestral music creation.

"Recording live orchestra rather than relying on sampled instruments and synthesizers really makes a difference to the quality of the final product and so we really wanted to bring this to life. We're proud of every element that goes into the production of our music."


Seventh Sense

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