Trailer Candy

I Want Candy – Trailer Candy Music Library

19 Jan 2024

The concept of trailerizing songs has come into the American consciousness in the past few years. The process of enhancing songs with trailer music elements and big percussion can emphasize the message of a film and excite viewers for an upcoming release. The slow burn first act, building into the lyrical hook in the middle and ending with an explosive backend, is the magical musical formula favored by trailer editors.

Trailer Candy, a new label from KPM Music, transforms some of their best songs into trailer gold. Each stem layer adds depth and power and features storytelling lyrical content to highlight the plot and run shivers up your spine. The three-part song structures make these tracks ready to power up any trailer with limited editing needed. 

Trailer Candy’s first two releases cover a lot of emotional ground. Here are some highlights:

This is only the sweet appetizer before the trip to Candyland. Be sure to tune in for more inventive and unexpected new trailerized KPM favorites! 

Listen to the entire catalog.