KPM and Tunego partner for first-ever NFT offering

KPM, The Gold Standard in Library Music, Enters WEB3 with Its First NFT Offering

01 Nov 2022

KPM, in partnership with TuneGo, has entered Web3 with its first digital collectibles entitled KPM Music Genesis Collection, which includes music from KPM's renowned "Greensleeves" series selected by professional curators and library experts. Collectors, aficionados, producers, DJs, and general music lovers will have the ability to buy, sell, and trade KPM digital collectibles, with the opportunity to unlock exclusive community perks and rewards.

For over 70 years, KPM's production music catalog has been the go-to source for Oscar-nominated movie soundtracks, expert beatmakers and sampling maestros, and super producers of all stripes. 

Its massive archives have been sampled by the likes of Drake, Jay-Z, Tupac, Dangermouse, Wu-Tang Clan, Florence & The Machine, and countless others.  KPM is the source for classic songs, sounds, and melodies that serve as the building blocks for modern music. With origins that reach back to the 1800s, KPM is one of the longest-running, beloved, and universally respected music libraries.

"KPM Music continually sets the gold standard for production music with unmatched heritage, iconic legacy, and historic credits," said Adam Taylor, President/CEO of APM Music which exclusively manages KPM in the United States and Canada. "It is only appropriate for APM to lead with its KPM library into the world of Web3 as the benchmark for others to follow."

Why is such a historic brand jumping into the deep end of Web3? Simple: The numbers don’t lie. Considering the impact of NFTs on culture at large, KPM’s decision to enter the Web3 realm isn’t taken lightly. NFT revenue rose from $100 million in 2020, to $25 billion in 2021—during just Q1 of 2022 the total revenue was $12 billion. These numbers reflect a growing interest in NFT ownership and the overall impact that Web3 is already having on a global scale. Within the music industry itself, NFT revenue is on pace to exceed global recorded music revenue in 2022. From 2020 to 2021, the publishing industry grew from $5.9 billion to $6.9 billion, while NFT revenue jumped from $94 million to $24.9 billion.

KPM has also partnered with some of the most trusted providers in the Web3 universe to launch our offerings. Namely, TuneGo, the global music-first Web3 platform secured by seven granted patents and 200+ intellectual property claims, built for creator and consumer experiences at scale. The blockchain powering KPM offerings is Flow, an eco-friendly chain with no gas fees that is best-of-class and already used by global brands like the NFL, UFC, and Dr. Seuss.  
Why APM Music?
APM is the world’s largest, deepest, and broadest music collection with over 1,000,000 tracks from 160 of the industry’s most diverse, respected, and admired libraries, including the legendary British library, KPM.
It is also home to the best music directors in the industry today. They offer their expertise to clients in search of the perfect music for their projects.

"APM is one of my most important resources. Especially their authentic vintage catalog, which is eclectic and spectacularly weird. (We've used ‘Funky Fanfare’ by Keith Mansfield a few times in Quentin's films). I love sifting through their website and listening to the selections." - Mary Ramos, Music Supervisor (Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, Wu-Tang: An American Saga)