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Fresh From The Vault: Feeling The Fierce Funk Vibe with Freedom Power

06 Feb 2023

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By Peejo Pilar


1976 was certainly a sizzling and scintillating year. RockyJimmy CarterApple Computers Inc., NASA’s space shuttle Enterprise, there was even a 6.5 Earthquake in North Eastern Italy. But something else was rocking Italy during that year. And it was more of a Psychedelic Funk attack from Freedom Power. 

This collection of 11 tunes is a master list of Jazz-Funk and Psychedelic beats. If you’re the type of content creator who needs a catalog of Psych Funk and Esoteric Jazz, this is what you’ve been looking for. Absolutely perfect for setting up your 70s-themed videos or that lounge music background music.

Take for example “Feasing” by Enrico Pieranunzi and Silvano Chimenti. This sexy melody offers a tranquil and hypnotic tune. 

Now Pieranunzi is an Italian jazz pianist known for combining classical and jazz techniques. Chimenti, similarly to Pieranunzi, started by playing the piano. But he soon switched to the guitar, going through his learning process as an autodidact. 

For a different vibe, Gabriele Ducros’ “Love For Sale” goes hard with a Soul Jazz theme and alluring female vocal. Ducros is another legend from the Cometa sound library. Like the other composers and arrangers, Ducros would be involved in many advertising projects, TV music, and songs for cinema.

If you’re sourcing music for film or TV, Freedom Power has just the right amount of funk to push that story forward. Timeless tunes that are great for cinematic scenes or love themes. 

Privacy” by Gabriele Ducros has that tragic beat that one might find in Italian thrillers. The sweet flutes and woodwinds give it that trademark Euro sense of suspense. “Vortice” is a noteworthy choice for crime and action scenes. Composers Alessandro Alessandroni and Sandro Brugnolini created a tense and atmospheric theme. Alessandroni played numerous instruments and composed more than 40 film scores. Brugnolini, on the other hand, was a saxophone player and a member of the Modern Jazz Gang. Similar to Alessandroni, he worked on multiple soundtracks for films. Sadly, Alessandroni and Brugnolini have passed away, but their music and libraries live on.

These Maestros of Psychedelic Funk and Jazz-Funk have united to create the absolute masterpiece that is Freedom Power. In certain ways this album was not just a tribute or catalog for people to create music for film or music for TV. Freedom Power was an exercise for these composers and arrangers to plunge in the cool pool of great 1970s music. They are stars in a universe that will be enjoyed forever by audiophiles and cinephiles alike. 

Freedom Power

Album cover of the album Freedom Power

Published By: Cometa Edizioni Musicali

Recorded in 1970. Originally released in 1976 by Cometa Edizioni Musicali.

Music performed by FREEDOM POWER ensemble including Gabriele Ducros, Silvano Chimenti, Enrico Pieranunzi, Paolo Casa, Adriano Declich.

Library: Cometa (COM)

Track Listing

  1. Sigla R.P. (Gabriele Ducros)
  2. Privacy (Mirot)
  3. Dopping 2000 (Gabriele Ducros)
  4. Feasing (S.Chimenti - E.Pieranunzi)
  5. Reaction (Sandro Brugnolini)
  6. Psyco (Gabriele Ducros)
  7. Vortice (Sandro Brugnolini)
  8. Love For Sale (Mirot)
  9. Freedom Power (Gabriele Ducros)
  10. Metropolis Notte (Gabriele Ducros)
  11. Trip Free (Gabriele Ducros)

Listen to the full album HERE