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Fresh Five: This Week’s Top Pop Tracks

21 Jun 2023

Each week, our fantastic music directors pick the top five tracks from various genres to make your search a lot easier.  

This week, we are featuring our top Pop tracks from our music director, Mark Gracious.
This month's Pop selections demonstrate the connection between the emotion on screen and out of the speakers. Whether it be a Film / TV scene or setting the right target market mood for a campaign. Sometimes we cannot get everything we want, but bad never felt so good. I get it, like, you make me feel OK as this list is full of surprises. 

Listen to the whole playlist 

Mark Gracious, Music Director 

As a young musician originally hailing from Chicago, Mark's zeal for music has taken him from the Windy City to Athens, GA; Los Angeles to Wilmington, NC; and back again to L.A., as pursuits in both the creative and industry sides of music dictated his future. Just as comfortable marketing frontline artists at both indie and major labels as he is in the lo-fi home recording environment, he has a bonafide “jack-of-all trades” background.  

With musical inspiration provided by Devo, Rush, The Ventures, Pavement and James Brown, he brings the ability to tame unruly minutia, morphing it into meaningful and life-changing detail. When not supporting workflow and analytics for the APM Music Department and providing APM clients with high-priority music assets, you can find him scarfing burritos and keeping the streets of L.A. safe while rolling with the Chromies of the 4130 Subway Series, The world’s largest monthly group BMX ride.