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Fresh Five: This Week's Top Jazz Tracks

08 Mar 2023

Every week, our fantastic music directors pick the top five tracks from various genres to make your search a lot easier. 

This week, we are featuring Sarah Scarlata's Fresh Five jazz picks


album cover of authentic 1940s jazz

1. Smokey Noire Full Length (Full Mix) - Red-hot jazz noire number, with hubba-hubba thumping drums and mute trumpet googly-eyes building to sly-swinging horn ensemble lines and femme-fatale saxophone solo.

cover of the album France

2. Hot Club de Biarritz - Whimsical swing melody with old-world romanticism. Care-free improvisational guitar @:0.48 signals for jazzy sax to take the wheel.

album cover of French Market

3. French Polka - French polka, rural and full of joy. The track evokes a sunny day at a market on the Riviera.

album cover of Mood in Nine

4. Mood Nine - Remastered - A vintage-sounding horn-forward jazz track with an upbeat big band swing feeling.

album cover of Mood in Nine

5. In Your Arms - Remastered - A slow and melancholy jazz track with a sentimental and vintage feeling.


Sarah Scarlata, Music Director

With her original compositions placed in The Affair, Chicago Fire, Tower Heist, Shameless, and productions winning two PMA Mark Awards, Sarah’s musical expertise covers a lot of ground. Her earliest childhood memories consisted of hearing Beatles records playing in her house as a toddler. She saved up for an old blue Sears drum kit and in five short years was performing in local clubs while still in high school. After attending Berklee College of Music as a Drum Set Performance major, she set off on a decade long stint as a touring drummer in various bands. Some of her performance highlights were opening for artists like Eric Burdon and the New Animals, Fishbone, Chris Whitley, and The Young Dubliners.

Sarah's passion for storytelling coupled with the power music has to evoke emotion led her to pursue a career in music licensing and publishing. Her experience from both sides of the studio glass as a performer, composer, producer, and educator makes for a unique approach to pitching music to clients.