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Trailer Album Feature: Twisted Cinema – Some Terrifying Tunes That Go Bump In The Night

14 Feb 2023

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By Peejo Pilar

Do you see that floating silhouette gliding towards you from the dark hallway? Or that gleam from a butcher knife held by a menacing figure? You hear the sickening growl of a creature from another world creeping up from under your bed. Or notice the heavy footsteps trailing you in an empty mall? These are just a few of the terrifying scenarios that we have all seen in horror movie trailers.  

APM Music has an enormous library of music for films and trailers. For this particular collection, we have Twisted Cinema. A series of spine-tingling tunes that is sure to give your viewers a bad case of nightmares. 

Twisted Cinema has a wide range of spooky songs. Lorenzo Piggici's "Annihilation" is a dark, hybrid, electronic soundscape. Perfect for any science fiction horror flick. If you are creating a movie masterpiece like Alien or need trailer music for your killer robot film like M3GAN, Piggici's "Annihilation" is a bold choice. 

On a less celestial level, if you are doing a psychological thriller like Smile or a trailer for a slasher film like Bodies Bodies Bodies, an excellent option would be Joseph Heath's "Darkness Rising." It is filled with dark, brooding, atmospheric sounds that build up to a climax. It is truly a chilling way to introduce your movie, short film, or TV series.  

"Twisted Cinema adds the perfect jagged edges to any horror trailer or promo," said APM Music Director Sarah Scarlata." With angular strings, atonal tension, haunting vocalize, and frightening percussive crescendos, these soundtracks will make all of your nightmares come alive." 

Sarah's album highlights include the following:

Feel free to explore the whole album for all the blood-curdling tunes

album cover of Twisted Cinema

Twisted Cinema

Library: Sonoton Trailer Tracks (STT)

Composers: Various

Released: 2022-12-07

Tracks: 50

Track Listing:

*Alternate Versions Available

Listen to the full album HERE.