Album cover of Red Matter Vox

Trailer Album Feature: Red Matter Vox

07 Feb 2023

As the world begins to refer to the pandemic in the past tense, large and small production companies have accelerated their output at break-neck speed. And with this comes the need for more production music for in-film and trailers. 

Red Matter is a trailer music library ready to take on the staggering amount of demand. Their latest album Red Matter Vox is exceptionally produced and filled with vocals fx and rich classical arrangements. 

"This album is twisted, mysterious, and vocal fx-driven," said APM Music Director Keiko McTingley. "The best application would be trailers for horror as well as intriguing dramas, thrillers, and mysteries." 

There are a lot of gems in this 140-track album, which includes primary and alternate versions in 15 and 30-second edits. But Keiko's favorite track is Track 3: "Relinquished." 


Album cover of Red Matter Vox

Red Matter Vox

Library: Red Matter

Composers: Various

Release Date: January 4, 2023

Track Listing (Main Mixes)

Listen to the full album HERE