Album cover of Delirium

Trailer Album Feature: Delirium - For Quirky Detective Movies Like Knives Out

31 Jan 2023

A poster featuring the cast of knives Out

In the thickness of darkness, in a dimly lit turn-of-the-century patio, Benoit Blanc emerges from the shadows, cigar in hand. He puts the Havana in his mouth and takes a deep draw. He squints as the smoke rises from the faint glow of the burning tobacco. Then, a faint shrill of a violin backed by a somber cello permeates the air. Benoit exhales as the string duet forms a specific D minor – the saddest chord in music. 

Rian Johnson's Netflix franchise has an unmistakable look, sound, and feel. But it is not unique to the world of Benoit Blanc. There are many movies like Knives Out, including the ones below: 

  • Gosford Park 

  • Murder on the Orient Express 

  • Clue 

  • Murder Mystery 

  • Radioland Murders 

  • Crooked House 

  • The Usual Suspects 

  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 

This genre requires not only a specific look, pace, and tone. It needs music that conveys mystery, suspense, and dark humor. Cezame Trailers' Delirium is a perfect album for a genre like this. Loaded with Neo-classical pieces, Delirium delivers uncertainty and quirkiness without being comedic.  

"Delirium is great for edgy Whodunnit-type movies like Knives Out," said APM Music Director Keiko McTingley." It is one of the albums she constantly pitches for murder-mystery projects. 

Check out this incredible album. 

Album cover of Delirium


Halfway between parody, virtuoso violin, and epic orchestra, Delirium takes us into a quirky and irreverent universe with a pinch of second-degree humor. An energetic extravaganza and anachronistic delusions accentuate the creativity of this album. 

Library: Cezame Trailers

Composer: Sebastian Jakoby

Track Listing:

*Alternate Versions Available