S.Diggin Episode One: Sonoton Throws a Party and Spins Deep Into Their Vault of Classic Tracks

30 Oct 2023

Sonoton Music, one of the world’s leading producers of production music, recently launched a new video series entitled S.Diggin. The series showcases the label’s deep archive of high-quality tracks in various genres via a live-streamed office party with a DJ set. In the pilot episode of S.Diggin, Sonoton CEO Alex Black took the helm of the turntable and spun some of the greatest tracks in their vault. 

Watch episode one.

Listen to the entire playlist.


The set highlights original and edited released and unreleased tracks from various periods from the likes of Jean Claude Madonne, John Charles Fiddy & Sammy Burdson, Mladen Franko, Claude Larson, and Carmen Lundy.

So, sit back, pull up a chair, grab a cold one, and chill to the sounds of S.Diggin Episode One.