Adam Taylor speaks at the CCC

Adam Taylor speaks at the CCC

05 Oct 2010

Save the date! Adam Taylor, APM Music President, will speak at the California Copyright Conference on November 9th, 2010. He, among others, will discuss how digital technologies work and how copyright owners and the performing rights societies can best use the infomation.

Do you know about the new technologies that identify music tracks by their digital signature? These developments can allow for more accurate identification and reporting of music that is used in all types of media. Digital recognition has far-reaching fiscal implications for the music business, which is why the California Copyright Conference is devoting its November meeting exclusively to this topic.

"Panelists will discuss some of the technologies and their practical applications, both now and in the very near future," states Steve Winogradsky, attorney, CCC Past President, and moderator of the panel presentation.

There will also be discussion about potential problems that may arise from the use of this software. "While these are exciting new developments, we want to learn what preventive steps are being taken by the technology firms and users of the program to avoid possible difficulties when these services are fully deployed," adds Winogradsky.

The presentation will be invaluable for all who are involved with the music industry. From attorneys to performers and from managers to music publishers, everyone is invited to join the CCC in the event entitled "Digital Recognition Technologies: How Do they Work and How Are They Being Used?"

The event will feature an impressive list of speakers, including:

~ Darren Briggs, Landmark Digital
~ Lynne Lummel, ASCAP
~ Adam Taylor, Associated Production Music
~ Mark Vermaat, Soundmouse
Moderator: Steve Winogradsky, Winogradsky/Sobel


The California Copyright Conference is a non-profit established in 1953 for the discussion of copyright-related areas pertaining to music and entertainment. Over the years, the organization has grown to over 300 members from all areas of the music and entertainment industry, including publishers, songwriters, attorneys, representatives from trade publications, performing rights societies, motion pictures, television, multimedia, internet and record companies.

The CCC holds monthly dinner meetings on selected Tuesdays to feature a guest speaker or panel on a broad range of subjects of interest to the members, as well as a "Legal Update" on current litigation and legislation that affects the industry.

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