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Aulicus Classics Club Episode Five: Nola, Salvatore, Ziani and Caresana

22 Jun 2023

Aulicius Classics Club is a video series created by esteemed Italian music publisher Romano Di Bari and composer/arranger/conductor Stefano Torossi, with a sole purpose of putting a spotlight on the lives of legendary composers and their works. 

In this fifth episode they will discuss the work of four composers: Nola, Salvatore, Ziani and Caresana and about the album Mass for 5 Voices, Two Violins, Cello and Organ, performed by Michele Gasbarro and Ensemble Festina Lente for Aulicus Classics. 

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About Romano Di Bari 

Italian producer and CEO at label Aulicus Classics 
Romano Di Bari founded Flipper Srl Edizioni Musicali in 1972 after having developed his expertise with RCA and later with Ariston during the 60s.