Album cover of 2FM's Scandalous Quartet album

2FM’s ‘Scandalous Quintet’ Album Brings High-Brow Gossip and Intrigue

21 Aug 2023

Imagine this scene: It is the year 1668, and the royal family is hosting a party at Chateau de Versailles. The hall is full of dignitaries and members of high French society, helping themselves with the finest wines and delicacies from all of France. Then, the Grand Chamberlain announces the arrival of a distinguished guest: the eldest son of a well-known Marquis and a woman of foreign and exotic origins. Everyone in the room looks at the couple, and almost immediately, the unmistakable sound of collective gasps and whispers permeates the palace. Then, the faint but beautiful music from a string quartet begins to build up. All eyes are on the mysterious woman clinging to the nobleman as the whispers grow louder and the chamber music fully develops into a majestic climax, giving the entire scene a sense of mystery and intrigue.

This kind of music is in 2FM’s latest album, Scandalous Quintet

Composed by Daryl Griffith, the music is perfect for period dramas, documentaries, and historical programming.

“’ Gossip and Scandal’ is a determined string quartet track that builds in drama,” Griffith said, describing one of the tracks in the album. “The track has a classical feel with the insistent lower strings, and there’s a bit of melodic interest in the upper strings without becoming too busy.”

The twelve-track album includes a wide array of versions, including stems.

the string quintet

Listen to the entire album.