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APM Strengthens Ties to Sports Community with New MNF Theme

28 Aug 2015

ESPN’s New 2015 Monday Night Football Opening is the Latest Sports Theme Created by APM Music, 
Strengthening APM’s Historical Ties to the Sports Community

HOLLYWOOD, CA – ESPN kicked off its much-anticipated 2015 Monday Night Football season with an updated version of the well-known “Heavy Action” intro-theme, created by APM Custom, the boutique custom music division of APM Music. 
For more than 30 years, and with catalogs like the MLB Music Library and the NFL Films Music Library, APM has continued to prove itself as a mainstay in branding the sports industry with themes for programs like Monday Night Football and This Week in Baseball, as well as with campaigns for the MLB Network, The Tennis Channel, NASCAR and teams like the Detroit Pistons.

Matt Naylor, Creative Director of APM Custom explains, “The original Johnny Pearson ‘Heavy Action’ track that started off ‘Monday Night Football’ really set the standard for a lot of the sports-related programming themes we hear today. When creating a theme, we often take the lead from some of the legendary composers who developed a kind of ‘sports sound’ over the years. We really want to make fans feel emotion like they are in the stands, even if they are sitting at home watching the game.”

The history and experience of music in sports culture was documented in the latest PRI Studio 360 podcast Are You Ready For Some Football Music? featuring APM’s composer Johnny Pearson (“Heavy Action”) as well as Sam Spence and Tom Hedden, both composers for NFL Films and the NFL Films Music Library.

See and hear the 2015 “Monday Night Football” Opening:

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