APM Partners with Qwire

APM Music Partners With Qwire to Improve Cue Sheet Reporting

29 Mar 2021

HOLLYWOOD, CA (March 29, 2021) — APM Music, a music production company with more than 900,000 tracks from over 185 countries, has entered into an agreement with enterprise music licensing platform Qwire. The deal represents a partnership between two leaders in the music for media industry. 

Per the agreement, APM Music will license Qwire’s software to offer their clients advanced technology for cue sheet reporting. APM will also provide Qwire with access to metadata from its entire library, saving Qwire’s clients significant time when licensing APM’s music. In exchange, Qwire users will gain access to APM Music’s full music database.

APM Music clients will have access to the new Qwire cue sheet tool beginning April 5, 2021.

“We are excited to be working with the great Qwire team on the integration of their new cue sheet software into the APM website,” says Adam Taylor, president and CEO of APM Music. “We look forward to offering our clients an exciting array of advanced cue sheet tools and services that will provide APM users with a superior cue sheet reporting and workflow management experience.” 

Because cue sheets are often filed incorrectly, many music libraries don’t receive royalties for commercial use of their tracks. Using Qwire’s cue sheet reporting software, APM Music’s clients will improve their ability to file timely and accurate cue sheets, helping ensure that music royalties are paid correctly.

“Everyone benefits from better cue sheet reporting and more access to music” says Scott Freiman, co-founder, and CEO of Qwire. “APM has done a great job collecting and labeling these tracks, which will save our clients time they’d otherwise spend hunting down details, such as usage rights and publishers.”

In addition to cue sheet reporting, Qwire’s software provides up-to-the-minute information on rights, clearances, and budgets. Its products help filmmakers, television producers, marketers, and advertisers navigate the financial and regulatory hurdles of music licensing. 

Qwire, according to Freiman, hopes to leverage the deal to develop additional partnerships with content owners and creators. “I’m very excited to have an industry leader validate our product and our company, and the APM relationship will be a great benefit to all Qwire’s clients.”


APM Music is located in Hollywood, California, and is the go-to source for production music. Founded in 1983, APM Music is the largest production music library in North America. 

Founded in 2012 in Los Angeles, California, Qwire creates cloud-based software that addresses significant problems with music licensing and royalty reporting common to companies working with music-for-picture, as well as rights holders (e.g. music labels and music publishers) and Performance Rights Organizations.

For more information, contact Scott Freiman, CEO at Qwire at scott@qwire,com and/or 424-316-1193.



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