Wilson's Heart Haunts With APM Music

Wilson's Heart Haunts With APM Music

02 May 2017

Oculus and Twisted Pixel are pushing the envelope in Virtual Reality gaming innovation with their latest release, Wilson’s Heart.

Set in the 1940’s with a star-studded supporting cast that includes Peter Weller (RoboCop, Start Rek Into Darkness) and Rosario Dawson (Sin City, Top Five), you star as Robert Wilson, a patient in who awakens in a hospital to discover that your heart is replaced with a mysterious device. While you journey through this mysterious place, amidst humanoid monsters and rearranging rooms, you are accompanied by a dramatic original score enhanced with epic tracks from APM Music.

Wilson’s Heart is the merger of good fiction and great gaming. We are thrilled to have APM Music tracks featured. Get a glimpse of this virtual reality experience below.

Click here to listen to APM tracks featured in Wilson's Heart.