What's The Situation with RNM and Barbara Walters?

What's The Situation with RNM and Barbara Walters?

16 Dec 2010

Last week, Barbara Walters fulfilled a dream by broadcasting her interview with the full cast of the popular TV show, Jersey Shore.

Cast includes: Paulie D, Jenni, Ronnie, Sammie, Vinny, Nicole (Snooki), and Mike (The Situation).

The segment ran as part of Walters’ annual “Most Fascinating People” special which had excellent ratings for CBS, following Walters' Oprah interview.

Her first question to the group – whose main activities, Walters tells us, are “tanning, partying and making out with strangers” –  is whether they consider themselves to be “fascinating.”

This recent Barbara Walters interview with the cast of the Jersey Shore features tracks from Reverbnation Music (RNM) artists Gina Cutillo, Random (a.k.a Megan Ran) and Draztic.

Listen for "So Easy" and "New You" from Gina Cutillo and "Drop That Beat" from Draztic.

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