Top Reasons Why Custom Tracks are The Best Solution for Pro Sports Teams

16 Aug 2018

It is not by chance that the JohnWallStreet blog decided to chat with our own Matt Gutknecht , Sr. Account Director, Sports Entertainment to gain clarity and discuss solutions to copyright infringement and the high cost of music for sports programming.  Matt has been at the intersection of sports and the music business for more than a decade and has established himself as an expert, who is featured by Sports Video Group , MarketScale , and others.

Fans of ABC/ESPN Monday Night Football are likely familiar with this  famous theme , which some jokingly consider to be the second national anthem. It’s named  “Heavy Action”  and it comes from the vast APM Music catalog. Using production music from the catalog or relying on custom-made tracks created in our custom studio can really save the day, particularly for college football production teams, by preventing takedowns of their social media accounts and conserving funds.


Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

JWS: A team wants to use The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army but isn’t willing to pay the publisher’s asking price. What kind of solution can you offer them?  
Matt: So, we’d look to create a great track, with big quarter note, bass drum feel. That choral, chanting kind of thing. We’re not in the business of knocking off tracks or doing something that is 2-3 notes away.

Read the full interview here  

Here’s ESPN’s Monday Night 2016 opener with an updated version of the well-known Monday Night Football theme "Heavy Action," created by the custom music division of APM Music.


Here’s another rendition of the same well-known Monday Night Football Theme "Heavy Action," created by the boutique custom division of APM Music.



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