The Next-To-The-Last Release of 2020!

29 Oct 2020

“Time sure flies when you’re having fun,” says Edwina Travis Chin Vice President of Music Strategy and Content, as we publish our New Releases for October/November 2020. In this release, we present Halloween with a twist, dramatic trailer music, singular vocals, and sublime underscores. There are also treats from our newest libraries – lyric-focused “Hooked; the hip hop collection “For The Win”; and “V Records”, produced by Dr. Fink from Prince and the Revolution.

Here are some fun facts for Release #7:

180+ New Albums
10,700 + New Tracks: 10,701.
140+ New Composers

Our total counts to-date:
17,200+ Albums
270,450+ Song Titles
861,780+ Number of Tracks

We would like to welcome our new Libraries/Sub-Libraries:


For The Win (FTW) – This sports-focused hip hop library is brought to us by Kenny Moron, who has written and produced a number of hip hop albums that have already generated a fan base within our sports market. He’s gathered a group of talented writers and artists to help strengthen our offerings in this genre.


Hooked (HKD) – This newest collection from Bruton features songs with lyrics that all address a common theme and cover a range of moods. Many of them have a cinematic feel and are well-suited to the trailer, promo, and advertising use. The initial launch is 7 albums, with regular ongoing updates to follow. HKD 6 “Saints and Sinners” is one of our Editors’ Picks for the month.


V Records (VR) – The producer of V Records is none other than Matt Fink - a producer and songwriter who has worked with many of the music greats and is best known as having been the keyboardist for Prince and The Revolution. With this artist-driven collection, he’ll be applying his producing skills to highlight up-and-coming new talent.


Watch the Editor's picks new release video;

RACHEL K COLLIER - KPM SHORTS (KPMS) - KPMS-0036 Engineer, producer, and performer in one Rachel K Collier skillfully merges slick, song-based electronica, house, and pop with her expressive vocals and dynamic percussion arrangements.

SAINTS & SINNERS - HOOKED (HKD) - HKD-0006 Deep south, gospel, and blues-influenced soulful edgy pop. Lyric themes - hard times, hope, triumph, defiance.

LATIN CLUB HIP HOP - FOR THE WIN (FTW) - FTW-0003 -  Feelgood upbeat Latin Club Hip Hop featuring artists from The Dominican Republic, Peru, Puerto Rico + more. All songs are in Spanish.

EPIC ACTION: FIGHT TO THE LAST SHIP -  EPIC SCORE (ES) - ES-0064 Heavy large orchestral action with thunderous percussion, sound design, and choirs. Intros hit hard and build to massive finales.

TRAP INVESTIGATION - CEZAME GLOBAL INVESTIGATION (CEG) - CEG-5025 At the core of the investigation ... All in breaks and convulsions, the beats of Trap Music immerse us into nocturnal and enigmatic climates specific to large metropolises!

TECH WITH HEART - JW MEDIA MUSIC (JW) - JW-2296 A fusion of contemporary electronics and organic instrumentation to create ambient underscores.

NORDIC NIGHTS - STEREOROYAL (STR) - STR-0031 A pulsating desire drives from deep within. Unknown paths in the luminescent afterglow. As gloomy strings shimmer, drama awaits.

ALL HALLOWS EVE VOL. 2 - MPATH (MPATH) - MPATH-0069 A cauldron filled with sophisticated musical potions with a splash of spookiness, a hint of mischief, and a dash of sophisticated whimsy. Savor a fresh take on Halloween entertainment for a variety of ages.

RETROGRADE - V RECORDS (VR) - VR-0001 Hip Hop infused songs about triumph love and heartbreak.

COUNTRY CROSSOVER - SUREFIRE (SURE) - SURE-0135 Modern country music with elements of pop, hip hop, dance, and EDM, vocal and instrumental.

For the comprehensive list of new releases, click here.

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