a photo of maurizio-majorana

Renowned Composer and I Marc 4 Bassist Maurizio Majorana Passes Away, Leaving a Resonant Legacy

27 Nov 2023

Maurizio Majorana, the legendary Italian bassist and composer of the iconic and critical figure in Italian production music, died on November 22nd. He was eighty-five. 

Majorana was celebrated for his virtuosity on the bass and played an integral role in shaping the timeless sound of I Marc 4, perhaps the most versatile studio band in the late 1960s and the 1970s, which provided the music that graced some of the best Italian films and television shows of the era. 

He was also a vital member of the bands Modern Jazz Gang and Epicarpus Duo. 

Majorana worked with some of the greatest Italian artists of his time, including Pierro Umiliani, Franco Cerri, Fabrizio De André, and Gino Marinacchi, to name a few. 

Listen to Maestro Majorana's music and celebrate the great artist's life.