Playlist Spotlight: First Day of Spring

19 Mar 2021

Playlist Spotlight: "First Day of Spring"

A celebration of spring, as interpreted by composers as far back as the Baroque period and continuing to the present day.


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Veteran hardcore punk musician Henry Rollins has always had a way with words. The singer, activist and writer also understands the value of moving with the seasons, sagely proclaiming, "In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move." During winter months, the colder weather and grayer skies encourage a natural slowing down in our day-to-day routines, making it a perfect time to retreat, hibernate, and to echo Rollins' sentiment, prepare for the brighter days ahead. While some absolutely thrive during the harsher-edged winter months, the promise of spring lurking behind the corner often signals a beacon of hope.


As the earth thaws, the trees sprout new growth and the world begins to wake up, slowly coming alive in the sunlight, the soundtrack of spring mirrors such an anticipation of welcome change. Musically, spring serves as a brilliant source of creative inspiration. Ranging from how the season represents a new beginning to the excitement of the daylight lasting longer and everything in between, spring is a time for music that brings light-hearted, feel-good melodies to the forefront. Alternatively, the season is also a great time for music that is more sentimental, wishing the winter well as we reflect on the past with a sense of collective nostalgia. To celebrate the changing of the seasons and to embrace the spring's annual promise of a fresh start, the team at APM music put together a playlist of musical compositions that capture the essence of what the spring months are all about.


With selections that span from a fresh arrangement of Baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi's famed classical composition (aptly named "Spring") to vocal tracks that lyrically explore seasonal themes from a present day perspective, this playlist features a collection of essential tracks that are expertly poised to enhance a wide array of moods and cinematic moments alike. The "First Day of Spring" playlist kicks off with a male vocal track titled "All Seasons," a jovial and reflective acoustic offering from composer Olivier Andres that follows the year-round journey the various seasons take us on each year. This contemporary folk song exudes a feel-good optimism, showcasing how each season has its own set of quirks and personality that carries an air of positivity.


Such a sentiment is interpreted elsewhere throughout the "First Day of Spring" playlist, such as with "Sun Keeps Shining," a track from the Kosinus library. This song, composed by Caloun and Fabrice Ploquin, explores themes of renewal and affirmation, doubling as a ballad of resistance and one that understands how each new morning brings "another chance to be loved again." Meanwhile, tracks such as "If Spring Came Back (Se Tornasse Primavera)" and "Spring For Us (Primavera Per Noi)" capture an interpretation of spring from a romantic perspective, honoring the tender, poignant side of the season. These Italian songs bring a vintage feel to the mix, great for romance, comedy, travel and moments that call for a timeless, warm touch. As many can attest, spring is also a time for stretching your legs and getting out of the house, as exemplified by tracks such as the pop-leaning "Positive Spring Break" and the uplifting, hard-not-to-love ukulele jam "The Sun is Shining."


Regardless of which specific side of the dynamic season you are looking for, APM's "First Day of Spring" playlist has got you covered!


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