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29 Mar 2023

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The AI audio & video tech company MatchTune has today announced its partnership with APM Music, a recognized leader in the production music industry. The partnership between the two organizations comes in the form of a dedicated Beta plugin developed by MatchTune and directly integrated into APM Music’s platform, allowing filmmakers and music supervisors to rescale any song in the APM Music library to a desired duration or reference video and to edit that music seamlessly into the video. This plugin offers enhanced functionality and increased speed to users of APM’s platform in Chrome.


At the core of its business, MatchTune aims to address a typical bottleneck in the music licensing and video editing industries: the time-consuming process of manually editing songs to fit a desired duration. This impacts video creators looking to add audio to their content, music supervisors searching for the right music for a specific project, and organizations looking to produce a volume of content, among others.


The plugin operates within the APM Music platform on Chrome, using its catalog of over 1,000,000 hand-curated tracks sourced from over 160 of the world’s greatest music libraries.  Upon selecting a song, users can leverage the plugin to alter its length to any desired duration, while preserving musical fundamentals such as melody, structure and tempo.


The plugin allows for 10 unique edits of each song. A secondary feature allows video makers to intelligently synchronize the track to a video of their choice, allowing filmmakers and music supervisors to test synced songs against their video before moving forward. 

MatchTune Co-Founder & CEO Philippe Guillaud said, “MatchTune is incredibly proud to be working with such a reputable, industry-leading organization. Many modern creative endeavors are far from efficient,  and alongside APM Music, we’re excited to offer what we believe is a further move to optimize the process of making beautiful, impactful content.” 

Adam Taylor, President of APM Music said, “APM is very excited to work with MatchTune in the release this Beta version of their new plugin. We look forward to user feedback as we continue to work with MatchTune in its quest for greater and greater efficiencies for content producers.”

The plugin is available to APM Music users via a Chrome extension, and is free to download immediately. 

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About MatchTune 

At MatchTune, we are musicians, engineers & entrepreneurs working together with one goal in mind: to make content creation efficient & outstanding while ensuring artists get an equal chance at being discovered & promoted. 

Co-founded by world-known jazz musician André Manoukian and led by serial entrepreneur Philippe Guillaud, our team prides itself in having built some of the most advanced AI-powered music and video tools available to content creators and music industry professionals. We work around the clock to ensure our apps are of the highest quality and reliability. 

For more information, visit www.matchtune.com.  

About APM Music 

Everyone who has ever experienced music synchronized to picture knows the undeniable impact that it plays. APM Music has been a crucial part of that experience for over 40 years with everything from the smallest of indie films to the largest blockbuster studio releases; television sit-coms to commercials and sports broadcasting; video games to mobile handheld games; and, even musical greeting cards to online user-generated content. 

Founded in New York in 1983 as a joint venture between Sony Music Publishing and Universal, APM Music is the recognized leader in the production music industry. Offering the largest production music library in the world, with the most comprehensive collection of high-quality music for media APM Music provides the music that brings media together.