Marti Amado

Marti Amado

15 Apr 2010

Targeting the Tween market, Marti is a pretty cool kid herself by collaborating with some of the best-known songwriters for the hip tween crowd, Ron Bolton and Jim Studer. Together this band of musicians and composers utilized their talents on guitar and keyboards, and added trumpets, trombones, banjos, ukeleles, percussion and some rising-star singers to create a very cool, very hip kids and tweens project.

Tasty melodies, sassy, energetic vocals, and infectious pop hooks explode off the disc and become Party Central. With guidance from Nick Kids, Nick Jr., Noggin and Disney, Marti ingested their input, plugged in and turned it out. She had a blast doing this project. Says Marti, “The tracks that my team and I created for "Cool Kids One" were so much fun and get a lot of use. I would not want to produce anything of lesser quality for "CK Two”. I love working for Sonoton and am most grateful for the opportunities that have been granted me and my music through Heidi and Gerhard's efforts and through Elisabeth’s as well.”

Marti specializes in original music for television, film, advertising and animation post-scoring as well as artist production for singer-songwriters. A Midwestern native, Marti has created music for clients in Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, San Diego and Europe, including: LEGOLAND’s Pirate Shores Attraction, The Odyssey TV Network (winner of a Pro-Max Gold Medallion Award), Warner Brothers Films (“Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang”), “Entertainment Tonight,” Universal Music Publishing, Chevrolet, Ford, Sears, Qualcomm, Big Sisters, Bumblebee Publishing and many others. She has worked with international artists including The Muppets, Jewel, Kenny Rogers, Kim Carnes and Michael Bolton and regional artists like Berkley Hart, Eddie Cunningham, Eve Selis, Peter Sprague and Billy Thompson. “Wreck N’ Sow”, produced by Marti and Americana duo Berkley Hart, won top honors at the San Diego Music Awards. Marti’s stylistic strengths as a composer and producer include animation post-scoring, children's music, quirky and humorous music, poignant heartland music, choral music and acoustic genres including Acoustic Pop/Rock, Classical Orchestral, Gypsy Swing, Jazz, Bluegrass and Americana. A graduate of Northwestern University’s School of Music, Marti is jazz and classically trained as a pianist, arranger and singer. She recently married and is living happily ever after in San Diego!

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