KPM All Stars Re-unite

KPM All Stars Re-unite

27 Jun 2012

On the evening of Saturday 7th July 2012, the KPM All Stars reunited, along with a virtuoso 16 piece big band, for a one-off gig playing a selection of their most popular tunes which are known and loved by many.

Audience members were treated to impeccable renditions of "Funky Fanfare," "Girl In A Sportscar," "Swamp Fever," "Funky Express," the unforgettable "Grandstand" theme and many more.

Alan Hawkshaw took to his trusty Hammond organ, Brian Bennett accompanied on drums, while Keith Mansfield showcased his expert conducting skills. John Cameron, Duncan Lamont, and James Clarke also appeared, with special guest DJ, Shawn Lee, getting everyone in the mood with a funky preamble to the main event.

After performing not one, but TWO encores, the All Stars left the audience applauding, stamping their feet and begging for more! 

Alan Hawkshaw on Hammond Organ

Keith Mansfield conducts Grandstand


June 27, 2012

KPM All Stars re-unite for one night only at Islington Assembly Hall, London on July 7th, 2012!

Over the years, library music has produced some of our most-loved, most-listened to and most-famous pieces of British music, and yet many are unaware of it. In recent years, however, library music has seen a resurgence!

The world of sampling has discovered the joys of Library-mania and hip-hop is littered with samples from classic seventies library tracks, most of them from the Godfather of production music, KPM.  KPM is one of the most established names in library music and has been a division of EMI Music Publishing for 50 years, offering some of the most diverse and original music ever made.  Produced in locations that would impress the most die-hard musical anoraks: Abbey Road, Angel Studios and other locations from Ardingly to L.A., KPM’s music has hooked the big-boys including Gnarls Barkley, Jay-Z, Nelly, Snoop Dogg and, of course, the sampler’s sampler Fat Boy Slim. Should you wish to acquire some of this library music yourself, you’ll have a hard time locating it, as the albums were never released commercially, pressed in limited quantities and consequently are extremely rare.

On July 7th, the KPM All Stars will re-unite for a rare appearance at the Islington Assembly Hall, London.  A night set to be a riot of hammond, sax and brass, this is not camp or kitsch, or even a joke where the punch line is chinos and slip-ons - this music is the funkiest slice of funkin’ funk to ever! With Alan Hawkshaw, of The Mohawks fame, Keith Mansfield, hip-hopperies’ favourite sample of the moment, and Brian Bennett, the longest serving stick-man from The Shadows, it’s like a 70’s roll call of fame, the full KPM 16 piece big band all present and correct.  They’ll be taking the roof off with a selection of classics. Expect to hear the luscious-sticky tones of Dave Allen "At Large," "Grandstand," "Blockbuster," "Funky Fanfare," "Grange Hill," and even "Countdown." This hall of fame would not be complete without the most exciting organ groove ever written, that most sampled of all Hammond tracks by The Mohawks, The Champ.  Any set list including these little slices ought not just be applauded, it ought to be canonised… So go along!

The evening offers a unique piece of British culture that still sounds incredible; with sultry saxes, warm flutes, and a nine-piece brass section!  John Cameron, Duncan Lamont and James Clarke are also confirmed to appear along with the KPM All Stars big band, and special guest, Shawn Lee, will be  DJ for the night. Don’t forget the star of the show, Hawkshaw’s battered hammond whose sound can still curdle the blood!

KPM All Stars

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