MPath Women Composers Series - Phenomenal Women

Introducing the Women Composers Series by MPath

06 Jun 2019

Mirette Seireg, the head of the MPath music library, recently sat down with us to discuss the importance of MPath's new Women Composers Series - Phenomenal Women:

"When I spoke with Adam Taylor, President of APM Music, he shared his vision of helping to bring gender parity to the music industry. Given my life’s mission to create sustainable change, I knew immediately that this was the direction that I wished to bring to the MPATH library and embraced the challenge, with fire in my belly.
I am deeply troubled by an astounding fact:  Women account for an estimated 3% of all media composers.  There must be something we can do about that!!! Women have way too much to offer to essentially be left out of the equation.  As a first step, I began reaching out to women composers at different stages of their career, each with their own unique compositional voice, spanning a colorful spectrum of genres.  We aim to move towards gender parity, release 8-9 albums per year (one album per APM Music upload period), and provide a welcoming space for female composers.
We’re thrilled to launch the MPATH / APM Phenomenal Women’s Series.  Our debut album features appropriately diverse styles including ethereal vocal pieces, edgy rock, rich orchestral lyricism, musical sound design, club dance, and hypnotic minimalism.  It is dedicated to celebrating exceptionally talented—emerging and seasoned—female composers in an industry in which they have been historically underrepresented."


>Listen to Phenomenal Women Vol. 1 of the Women Composers Series
>Listen to Phenomenal Women Vol. 2 of the Women Composers Series
>Listen to Phenomenal Women Vol. 3 of the Women Composers Series

Learn more about the Phenomenal Women in this series:
> Alba Torremocha
> Becca Schack
> Belén Vivero
Emer Kinsella
> Esin Aydingoz
Heidi Metcalf-Osgood
Lili Haydn
Louise Smart
Mariana Barreto
Merethe Soltvedt
Nathalie Bonin
Penka Kouneva
> Kathryn Bostic
> Carmen R. Thompson
> Winifred Phillips

More women composers in the MPath library:
Lisbeth Scott