Front Office Sports Interview with APM

How to Create Strong Sound Branding for Sports Entertainment

28 Aug 2018

If you want to know how to build a superior pre-game hype, design engaging gameday experiences, and strengthen the connection between players and fans, don’t miss this interview with our Senior Account Director of Sports & Entertainment, Matthew Gutknecht  by Front Office Sports.

Start paying very close attention to the sound of your brand, because a strong and unique sonic identity can help you achieve all three.

“Think about it: sports rely on the visual, which is what teams and leagues use to drive the story. Yet without the right audio to go along with it, that visual can be left toothless.”

In this video from the Detroit Pistons, an APM Custom score helps tell the story of their rise as a team in the face of adversity through dedication and grit, in the spirit of Detroit:

Not only has sound been historically proven to evoke a strong memory recall and instill favorable brand perception, it is an effective yet flexible attribute that can help you diversify and unify your sports brand presence across all digital channels.

This animation shared on social by the Oakland A’s shows how APM’s immense catalog of sound design can enhance an underlying beat or track to ultimately compliment the visual:

APM’s Sports Division helps teams and leagues all over the nation to define what they want the sound of their brand to be. This is a one-stop shop for everything from custom scoring to a modern catalog of ready-made music tracks and cutting edge sound design.

This court projection by The Famous Group helps set an exciting tone leading up to tip-off at the 2018 NCAA Basketball Championship, and features music from the APM catalog.

Want more devoted disciples in the stadium and online on a budget? Get in touch with us and let’s talk about your sonic strategy.

Contact Matt Gutknecht to find the best solution available in the industry.

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