Film & TV Music Podcast

Film & TV Music Podcast

14 Nov 2008

Official Podcast of The Hollywood
Reporter/Billboard Film & TV
Music Conference

LOS ANGELES (Nov 14, 2008) -- The Film and TV Music Podcast sponsored by APM Music, which features candid interviews with composers, music supervisors and industry insiders discussing the business of music for picture, is the official podcast of the Hollywood Reporter/Billboard Film & TV Music Conference for the third year in a row.

The Film & TV Music Podcast is the leading audio podcast for film and television music professionals. As the exclusive conference podcast partner, The Film & TV Music Podcast will feature interviews with keynote speakers and panelists including award-winning songwriter Diane Warren, film composer Clint Mansell (Requiem for a Dream) and many others. Interviews will be conducted at The Hollywood Reporter/ Billboard Film & TV Music Conference, held at the Sofitel in West Hollywood November 13th and 14th, 2008 and can be downloadable after the event at

Other featured one-on-one interviews with composers will include Tyler Bates ("Californication", 300), Cliff Eidelman (He's Just Not That In To You), and Terence Yoshiaki ("Gossip Girl"), music supervisors George Acogny (Blood Diamond), Jason Alexander ("Entourage"), PJ Bloom ("Nip/Tuck", "CSI Miami", "Generation Kill"), Danny Bramson (He's Just Not That In To You), president of Gotham Records Patrick Arn, co-founder of Razor and Tie Cliff Chenfeld, director of the Film Music Program at Sundance Peter Golub, motion picture director Ken Kwapis ("The Office"), director of music at Activision Adam Levenson, founder of Greg O'Connor-Read and vice president of film & TV relations at BMI Doreen Ringer-Ross.

"By recording frank conversations with some of the biggest names in the industry, The Film & TV Music Podcast sheds a very honest, candid light on the issues of the day," said Adam Taylor, president of APM Music."In addition to offering unparalleled music services, APM Music is also committed to developing information and resources to help creative producers discover and license music that enhances the overall value of their productions."

APM Music is constantly adding new selections to its production music library. Last month, they launched LiquidCinema (MP3 sample), a new film trailer music library created by award-winning film composer and music producer Jeff Rona and Cherry Picked Music, a partnership with Cherry Lane Music Publishing that features music from award-winning composers like Marco Beltrami and Paul Haslinger. Prior to that, they introduced Discovery Studios Tracks with Discovery Communications, making the music of the world's number one non-fiction media company available to producers outside of the Discovery Communications family of networks. And before that, they released Sonic Elixir featuring brand new compositions from Composer/Songwriters Ella Louise Allaire and Martin Lord Ferguson, part of the creative team behind the original score for KAEUR by Cirque du Soleil.


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