David Robidoux’s Top Ten Playlist from NFL Films Library

06 May 2021

Curated by Dave Robidoux


1. Mythmaker "We've used this for the end of a journey that's bittersweet" 

Track Description: A cinematic, heartfelt orchestral score with lush strings, light percussion, brass, and choir building the rich, evocative emotional tension to a grand positive ending.


2. Forging Legends "A piece very much in the NFL Films style, for those moments when everything is going right, sheer confidence, and determination."

Track Description: A quiet dramatic open build this epic and heroic orchestral action-adventure with heavy percussive hits, strings, brass, and choir to a climactic grand ending. (A minor) BPM 80


3. Where Legends Are Made "Nostalgic, looking back on a tough road of adversity but the accomplishment was worth it."

Track Description: Solo horn introduction builds with strings into a full and triumphant orchestral piece. (A minor) BPM 90.


4. Men Of Mettle "Veterans making a comeback when people thought they were done, that’s always hard to find the right music for. I tried to mix nostalgia with power and confidence to find the balance."

Track Description: Inspirational orchestral cue with heartwarming strings and choir that builds to a heroic finish with big brass and percussion. (A minor / B minor) BPM 110


5. Take Flight "Steve Sabol loved taking pieces like this to make the action feel chaotic but not heavy and dark."

Track Description: Swirling strings build to a whirlwind of chaos and drama in this dynamic orchestral cue with soaring horns and insistent percussion. (D minor / F minor / A flat minor) BPM 160


6. Marching Into The Unknown "The dynamics are what this piece is about. If you edited your piece to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and then decided you wanted an orchestral piece instead, this might work."

Track Description: Epic orchestral action cue with pizzicato strings and heavy choir creates tension that builds to a climax with pounding percussion and brass. (C minor) BPM 200.


7. Return To Win  "A classic NFL Films sound but also bridging to our more modern take on what NFL Films music would be."

Track Description: Slow build unfolding to a dark dramatic storytelling theme with insistent pulse, strings and horns. (D minor) BPM 160


8. Truth "If football players raced cars on Sunday, this music would work. It’s an NFL Films take on car racing music. Its uses are probably broad because of the combination of styles."

Track Description: Slow build unfolding to a dark dramatic storytelling theme with insistent pulse, strings and horns. (D minor) BPM 160


9. Unleashed "This piece is old-school orchestral energy. We’ve used it many times to make a film edit have more energy."

Track Description: Epic orchestral action that builds dramatic tension with driving percussive hits and horns ready for battle. Big ending. (E minor) BPM 140


10. Top Of The Mountain  "This is a song to end a top ten list or a film. This was used in a film about climbing to the top of Kilimanjaro and what I imagined you would hear if you made it to the peak. Exhaustion, euphoria, and accomplishment. I like elevators though, so I’ll never know."

Track Description: Uplifting orchestral cue that builds with emotive piano and string swells. Thematically linked to "It Starts Now" (from this album and NFL073) and "Out of the Dark" (from NFL073). (C Major/E Flat Major) BPM 140


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