Crash The Super Bowl ad finalists feature tracks from APM Music

Crash The Super Bowl ad finalists feature tracks from APM Music

07 Jan 2011

Congratulations to freelance editor and web designer, J.R. Burningham, and his team for winning the “Crash the Super Bowl” contest with their “Pug Attack” ad which tied as the #1 spot on the USA Today Ad Meter!

This spot features the track “Requiem-Dies Irae”  BCC 35 #44

 >View the complete USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter here

APM Music is, yet again, proud to be the exclusive music provider for one of the hottest amateur filmmaker ad competitions! The 2011 Doritos/Pepsi MAX "Crash The Super Bowl" contest finalist's videos are now online and all spots feature tracks from APM Music!

This year's Super Bowl XLV takes place on February 6th, 2011, but you can already get your fix of Super Bowl ads! As possibly the biggest contest for amateur TV commercial creators, the Crash The Super Bowl contest is now entering the final phase that will help decide which Doritos and Pepsi MAX ads will run during Super Bowl XLV.

This year the Crash The Super Bowl ad contest received 5,600 submissions and only 10 remain! Vote now at to help select the top 6 spots to air during the big game and choose the ultimate winner who will walk away with $1 million dollars!

> Click to hear the APM Music tracks available for use during the contest

2011 “Crash The Super Bowl” ad contest video finalist included:


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