10 Sonoton tracks featured in Bose Pandora Music Search Program


12 Feb 2010

Bose works with select companies committed to delivering the Bose experience to their customers. Toward that end, they have asked APM to provide songs from the best Artists and Musicians who represent premium performance and superior audio quality in their music. Bose selected 12 Sonoton tracks from 10 different composers, more than any other library. Among the chosen few, all of whom can be heard on the exclusive Bose displays in stores all over the country through the Pandora Music Search program, are Jazz vocalist and composer Carmen Lundy, pianist Andy Ezrin, Big Band leader Chris Walden, Jazz fusionists Paul Lenart and Billy Novick, film composer Chris Hajian, country folk artists Jerry Burnham and Wayne Cook, and World composers Gabriel Montes and Mario Rusca.

Drop in at the nearest Bose store and check out these extraordinary artists! You’ll find them at the Computer Speakers kiosk, at the Pandora computer station. Once you listen to the songs from these Sonoton artists and hear the stunning lifelike Bose sound, you may even walk away with a new pair of speakers!

Sonoton Bose Tracks:

SCD 496 – Track 48

SCD 502 – Track 2

SCD 177 – Track 1

SCD 585 – Track 1

SCD 763 – Track 1

SAS 226 – Track 36

SAS 56 – Track 2