APM Teams With The Score On Popular Music

03 Aug 2022

Want to use popular music but can't because of copyright restrictions? APM Music now has a solution!

APM is happy to partner with The Score Music and Sports Marketing, LLC. The Score will assist in obtaining popular music licenses for APM’s sports clients. 

"The APM Sports Team is thrilled to 'make it official' with everyone at The Score, " said Matthew Gutknecht, Director of Sports Entertainment. "Popular music clearance has been so challenging and cost prohibitive, and now with the proliferation of lawsuits and settlements in the marketplace, we're thrilled to provide a more comprehensive music solution to all our sports clients!” 

“This is a natural progression of what we have already been doing with our friends at APM," noted John Adams, President of The Score. "We have been working together for many years, even though nothing official was in place. Now, it’s official. This solidifies an already brilliant relationship and we could not be happier about it.”

The Score helps create in-stadium content and experiences using new and classic music tracks.

APM has the world’s largest and deepest production music library, with over one million tracks available for licensing. For 40 years, APM has provided a full range of music services including music replacement, custom scoring, and time-saving Music Director assistance. APM proudly partners with the majority of NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, and MLS teams, and Power 5 athletic programs. 

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