APM: MVP for Superbowl XLIV Advertisers

APM: MVP for Superbowl XLIV Advertisers

17 Feb 2010

"I'm just watching for the ads" is a phrase all-too-often spoken by football fans whose teams have, unfortunately, cut their seasons short. Once again, the big game is upon us and whether you watch to cheer on your team or simply like the half-time entertainment, everyone plans to watch for the next great commercial to discuss at the watercooler on Monday - We here at APM think you just might like these...

Papa Johns
Have you seen the Papa John’s sponsorship teaser ads surrounding Superbowl XLIV? If so, you’ve also been hearing “Heavy Action / Superstars” (KPM 433 #7), the quintessential all-American sports tune, also known as the “Monday Night Football” theme song.

Learn more about “Heavy Action”

Go Daddy
GoDaddy.com gets going again with its new Superbowl ad campaign featuring spokeswoman, Danica Patrick. APM Music can be heard in a number of spots, including a few yet-to-be-revealed!

> See a sneak peek of the GoDaddy.com Superbowl XLIV ads & hear “Nasty Girl”
(WOM 172 #31)

> Watch Lola & hear “Mr Disco Bumpy Plums Esq” (KPM 694 #12)

> Watch News & hear “Serenade In A - Vivace, Scherzo” (SCD 240 #2)  

COMING SOON: Watch Movies & hear “Love Comes Round (b)” (KPM 725 #13)

Doritos Crash News
Three of the six Doritos Crash the Superbowl finalists will fight for the top spot during the big game and APM Music is part of the action! Each contestant had over 20 tracks of APM Music to utilize when starting their superstar Doritos advertising careers! Odds are that an APM-scored Doritos spot will take home the trophy again this year!

> Watch Casket and hear “Magpie” (KPM 151 #25)  

> Watch The Smackout and hear “Night on Bare Mountain” (WOM 109 #1)

> Watch Kids These Days and hear “Sexy Beast” (WOM 127 #12)

> 2009 Doritos Crash the Superbowl Contest Winner Free Doritos
  (Winner of the top spot on the 2009 USA Today Ad Meter.)