APM Music Nominated for Marks Award

APM Music Tracks Nominated for 11 Mark Awards

07 Oct 2016

The Production Music Association will celebrate production music excellence with the 2nd Annual Mark Awards taking place on October 18th at Le Meridan in Santa Monica.

We are pleased to announce that APM Music and it's libraries have received 11 Mark Awards nominations that include the below: 



Best Rock Track

Let Me Go  (LOCD 62 #1)

Composers: Lee Gretton, Samuel Rex Brown & Huw Jones


The King (MH 144 #2) *Available via APM in Canada

Composers: Harlin James & Thomas Collins


Best Hip Hop Track

I’m A Winner (SURE 111 #29)

Composers: Adam Brostoff, James Rand, Janos Fulop & Montez Kirkland


Best Folk Track

Eden Home (SXSW 4 # 1)

Composer: Casey McPherson 


Best EDM Track

When I’m With You  (SCORE 54 #19)

Composers: Gabriel Wood, Kwabena Amponsa, Christopher Dececio, Sizakele Sibeko & Emmanuel Ezeonyebuchi, Taylor, Glenard Patnelli


Around the World  (SURE 113, #5)

Composers: Fumitake Igarashi, Rathbone Pick & Rebekkah Friesen


Best Country Track 

What City Are We In? (SCDV 324 #41)

Composer: Jim Wolfe


Best Vocal Track

Light Up the Sky (SCORE 42 #7)

Composers: Al Riley, John Howard & Leo Wilde


Best Non-Categorical Track

Floodgates (JM 132 #24)

Composers: Paul Martin Pritchard, H. Parsley & Louis James Edwards




Best Use in Online Digital Advertising

Make You Happy (JM 116 #12)   Winner!

Composer: Jack Phillips 


Best Use in Commercial Advertisement

La Zingara (CEZ-4125 #2)

Composer: Piotr Moss


For more details, visit http://markawards.pmamusic.com/nominees/