APM Music Taking Action Toward Fighting Racial Injustice

19 Jun 2020


APM Music stands with the black community and is taking action in support of the fight against racism, bigotry, violence, hate and discrimination of any kind. 

Effective immediately, we are offering gratis use of our 800,000+ track catalog for applicable content. If your organization is in the United States or Canada and producing content related to anti-discrimination, diversity, racial equality and inclusion, please reach out to us to inquire about a gratis license for (1) Public Service Announcements (PSAs); (2) not-for-profit educational content; or (3) media supporting 501(c) fundraising or relief efforts for those affected by racial inequality.

In addition, APM Music is addressing those same issues via the creation of an internal Diversity & Inclusion Committee, co-led by Chief Financial Officer Cecilia Owens. “As I can personally attest to the importance of this movement, there is an inherent fear that the urgency we all feel to push forward with correcting the wrongs of racial injustice and inequality will be lost as time passes, tempers cool, and we inevitably revert to business as usual. We are working to ensure that this sense of urgency is met with an effective call to action and our efforts are focused on fostering meaningful change over the upcoming days, weeks, months, and years,” said Owens.
Simultaneously, APM Music has committed to a series of monetary donations throughout 2020 and beyond. Our first contribution will go to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the leading nonprofit legal organization fighting to protect voting rights and equality for all. Our second contribution will be to EmpowHer Institute, a nonprofit organization with a very specific MISSION — to empower girls and young women in marginalized communities by helping them gain the skills necessary through education, training, and mentorship to become confident, college, and career ready. 
These initiatives, which come on the heels of APM Music’s observance of Black Out Tuesday, range in impact from immediate to long-term. All signify APM Music’s long-term engagement.

>Learn more about the gratis license for equality and inclusion initiatives: https://form.apmmusic.com/equality/