AI Startup Incantio Announces Partnership with APM Music 

30 Aug 2023

Incantio, a music technology startup, is excited to announce a new partnership with one of the largest music catalogs in the world, APM Music.

"At APM, we have a tradition of partnering with technology companies which align with our goals of illuminating artists' work and helping our clients find the right song for their project more quickly. I am pleased to announce a new partnership with Seattle-based Incantio, an AI company whose founder is coming into the tech space after a long career in the music industry. By enhancing human abilities for music searching and editing through new technology, we can better serve our libraries, composers, and clients," states APM Music’s CEO Adam Taylor.

Co-founded by CEO Danny Newcomb, Incantio’s core focus is to improve the music discovery process, leveraging recommendation tools to surface relevant tracks.

"APM has a great catalog of music, and we are excited to work with them both for their long experience in working with content creators as well as building a successful production music business," adds Danny Newcomb.

The partnership is the most recent example of APM’s ongoing efforts to augment and refine its search capabilities, providing new opportunities to present hidden gems in the catalog while facilitating the end user journey.