Jimmy Demers

Jimmy Demers

Jimmy Demers has been singing for audiences around the world, and rightfully so, has been hailed by his father as, "the most famous, un-famous person in the world!"

With a string of credits to his name, from backing vocals on albums that include artists from Cher to Garth Brooks, the road to his debut album, Dream a Little from the Concord Music Group, has been a work in progress since Jimmy Demers first began singing around the ripe old age of 4-years-old.

Throughout his life, Jimmy has experienced the harmony of enormous highs (singing in front of a massive audience of 65,000 people in Shanghai, China), and yet he has also felt the discord of challenging lows (losing his beloved mother only a month after he signed with Concord Records). Within those shadows of uncertainty are most likely where Jimmy Demers discovered his desire and his need to sing... reaching out to a destiny that would one day fall into the ears and the hearts of a world he longed to touch.

The debut album of Jimmy Demers is decorated with industry heavyweights who know a thing or two about dreams. Diane Warren (the multi-award winning and legendary songwriter) has been a fan of Jimmy's since the beginning, when they were both fresh on the music scene. After hearing Jimmy's recording of her song, "Nothing Hurts Like Love," Diane said, "Jimmy has turned my song into an instant classic!"

It's a dream awakened in one of the finest debut CD's of recent memory...Dream A Little by Jimmy Demers